Three ways the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading can help you

If you’re just getting started in your editorial career, the choices you face can feel overwhelming. The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) is here to support editorial professionals at all stages of their career, whether they’re in an in-house role, establishing a freelance portfolio, or still exploring their options.

Here are three ways we can help:

1. A wide range of resources for support and professional development

You don’t have to be a member to access many of our helpful resources. From fact sheets and focus papers to guides and a regular blog, we cover all aspects of editorial practice and language use.

Find out more about what’s on offer in this recent blog: What resources does the CIEP offer?

We also have a bi-monthly newsletter for non-members that highlights new resources, blog posts and events. Why not sign up for Editorial Excellence here?

2. Training courses for all levels of editorial experience

Even if you have some editorial experience, perhaps from a masters publishing programme or learning on the job, you need to consolidate your skills and maintain your continuous professional development.

Our proofreading and copyediting suites provide comprehensive training in the core skills, and we have courses on editorial project management and fiction, medical, and plain English editing.

And our six-month mentoring programme offers experienced editors and proofreaders the chance to work one-to-one on real projects with a highly skilled mentor.

All our training and mentoring is open to non-members. You can find out more about our courses here.

3. Membership – additional support and training in many forms

If you decide to join the CIEP (good call!) you’ll meet a community of likeminded people who are there to support and encourage you at every step of your career.

Editorial professionals often feel isolated because they’re the only person in that role in their workplace, or because they’re freelance and don’t get the chance to talk shop with other editors. Networking, learning from others, and even watercooler chat all contribute to being a better editor and proofreader, and are an important part of developing as professional.

The CIEP has more than 40 local groups that meet regularly to share knowledge and network. For the past year our groups have been meeting via Zoom, and members have benefitted hugely from connecting with their colleagues and supporting each other in these difficult and uncertain times.

For many members, our online forums are a key benefit. Here’s what one member has to say:

‘The forums are just brilliant! Other CIEP members willingly give so much advice and knowledge, whether it be aspects of grammar, technical problems, running a business or how to find work. It’s an extremely supportive environment.’

And guess what? New members can immediately access a whopping 40% discount on all our training courses, and get a £25 training voucher too!

If you like the sound of all that, come and join us!

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