The Marbles Magazine Journey

Marbles is an independent magazine focusing on raw, irreverent discussions of mental illness. Founded in 2017, its intention is to dissect, explore and explode the stigma surrounding being open and honest about mental illness.

Throughout its four years, Marbles has featured a host of incredible writers and interviewees sharing their stories. Kirsty Logan on continued anxiety about finishing each new book. Laura Waddell on the misunderstanding of Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder. Arusa Qureshi on BIPOC mental health and poetry. Chris McQueer on how he tackles darkness in his writing. Cheryl Martin on life with Borderline Personality Disorder. Heather McDaid interviewing Ruby Tandoh on her mental wellbeing zine. Sean Wai Keung’s ‘Risk Assessment for Self-Referral’.

Marbles began life as a print-only publication, coming out twice a year. This has dropped to once a year: running a mag is expensive; everybody involved with Marbles is paid for their work; a pandemic has hindered our ability to earn enough to keep going. To allow us to keep up the conversation, we’ve begun Marbles Happy(?) Things. Primarily a podcast, MH?T turned into a daily Instagram movement, then a weekly interview show, and now has found its home as a newsletter, coming out on the 11th of each month. Marbles Happy(?) Things explores reasons to be cheerful and keeps up with interviews, recommendations and general mental health chat.

In all its iterations, Marbles tries to be an antidote to toxic positivity. While we chat about happiness, we also know that every feeling is valid and appreciate the dark moments as much as things that make us cheese.

There are four out of five issues of Marbles available: Marbles #1, Marbles #2, the Dark Issue, and the Unfinished Issue. Our Tear It Up Issue (#3) has sold out, hopefully not because readers took it literally. You can buy the remaining issues at

At Marbles all we want to do is continue the discourse, keep talking to inspiring people, and keep publishing wonderful writers. We know that once work picks back up again, we’ll be able to put magazines out again – and we can’t wait, tbh. For now, you can sign up to the newsletter at, or drop us a wee ‘hi’ at

Follow us on Twitter @MarblesMag.

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