Can you give us a quick overview of who the CIEP is as an organisation?

The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading is a non-profit body promoting excellence in English language editing. We provide community, training and support for those already working in an editorial capacity, and anyone interested in pursuing an editorial career.

Members get a stack of benefits including discounted training, a suite of free guides and fact sheets, support via our vibrant member-only forums, and access to a network of over 40 local groups, including five in Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, North/East and Cumbria/Borders).

The focus of our conference this year is Forward Thinking, covering many different topics such as employment and skills to future trends. What does Forward Thinking mean for you and your business in 2022?

Forward Thinking for the CIEP means being responsive to the needs of our expanding membership.

Our member-led working groups, including the Anti-racism Working Group and Environmental Policy Working Group, are helping us develop policies and resources that embed equality, diversity and inclusion into our governance, training and community structures.

While core-skills development forms the foundation of our training hub, we’re also crafting resources that centre the role of the editor in relation to changes in language use. This includes guidance on conscious language and emerging editorial services such a sensitivity and authenticity reading.

We also help our members find their business feet. A lot of editorial work is outsourced to freelancers, and it’s essential that they know how to promote themselves, find clients, price projects, liaise with clients, manage their accounts and look after their emotional wellbeing.

Scotland has been on the international stage recently, with events such as COP26 in Glasgow. How do you see Publishing in Scotland growing as an industry? Or how do you think companies in the publishing industry can benefit from having a Scottish base?

The CIEP is proud of its many Scottish members and their willingness to participate in the publishing community above beyond their day-to-day client work.

We’ve always had a very strong and engaged Scottish membership, and many of our directors – past and present – have been based here. And it was our Scottish members who also led the way in developing and running the first CIEP mini-conferences for members who found attending our annual conferences difficult!

It’s a solid indication that the skills needed for a healthy publishing industry can be found here, and the CIEP is committed to supporting growth in the region through training and networking.

What exciting projects do you have coming up in 2022?

We’re hugely excited about the launch of our new digital platform – a space that will bring our website, blog, member forums, and training centre together in one place.

It will also include a fantastic learning centre in which members and non-members can search for information and resources specific to their needs, whether in the form of training courses, guides, fact sheets or blog posts.

We’re also exploring digital accreditation that will enable our members to showcase their skills to colleagues and clients online via verifiable digital badges.

Do you have any top tips for someone looking to work in the publishing industry?

Be involved! Join organisations such as the SYP and the CIEP, and take advantage of all the guidance and information they have to offer. Networking might sound scary, but think of it as getting to know people who do what you’d like to do, and learning from their experience.

Be qualified! There are always things to learn, but it doesn’t always have to cost money. Make the most of free resources while you save up for more expensive courses. And remember that not all learning needs to be formal. Many organisations have low-cost or no-cost webinars and events that can add to your understanding of the industry.

Be visible! The publishing industry is no longer bounded by geographical borders. Learn how to craft a branded online presence so that you’re findable by clients from all over the world.

If you’re interested in joining the CIEP, why not attend one of our discovery meetings via Zoom? You can chat to members and learn more about what membership has to offer!

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