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Updated: Apr 5

The closing remarks were led by our co-chair Grace Balfour-Harle. She told us all that this was SYP Scotland’s first physical event since 2019 and also its first ever hybrid event. Covid took out some of the speakers and committee members, including Grace herself. The SYP Scotland committee and conference volunteers wanted to think about the future, and to them, future publishing events were hybrid. After all, why should we limit ourselves to one physical space?

We kicked off the conference with Amina Shah as our opening speaker and her talk about the National Library of Scotland. As the first woman of colour in her role, Amina is an inspiration to everyone. The future of publishing includes better representation and a better understanding of our rights and what’s beyond the big five.

The Scottish publishing landscape is immense, as shown in Hame Sweet Hame.

Publishing is an industry that relies on many different elements for things to go right, including the people who work for UK publishing houses. The interview workshop with Suzanne Collier showed us all that body language matters and the Trendspotting panel raised the question of whether there’s a magic formula to spotting a bestseller. The Our Genderation panel raised many important points on the lack of equal pay and the need for better representation and understanding of LGBTQ+ people in the industry.

Publishers Unite! also showed us the importance of knowing our rights.

Many thanks goes to the CIEP, Prepress, The Bookseller and all of our other conference partners. More information about our speakers and sponsors can be found on the SYP Scotland conference website. SYP Scotland would also like to thanks its members for their continued support.

The conference website will stay live until May 31st and panel recordings will be available to ticket holders until then. There will be a sensitivity reader panel and networking session coming soon – more information will be available on @SYPScotland on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks again to everyone who attended this year’s SYP Scotland conference. As always, the Society of Young Publishers aims to represent the future of publishing.

The recording of the Closing Remarks will be available to all ticket holders until 31st May.

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