BOOKSHOP SPOTLIGHT: BookLove – The Travelling Multicultural Book Carnival

If you catch Your Cart is Full at the conference, you will hear from one of our lovely speakers, Samantha Williams. Samantha runs BookLove – The Travelling Multicultural Book Carnival, a London-based enterprise and online shop that travels the country with a vast array of multicultural, anti-racist, bi-lingual and inclusive books for adults and children.

After 15 years of working in the media as a TV producer, and with no publishing experience whatsoever, the frustrations Samantha encountered regarding the lack of diversity and cultural representation in TV and books motivated her to create BookLove.

The award-winning Book Carnival is now in its fifth year and operating online as well, using pre-used packaging donated by customers to ship books to readers. BookLove represents the beautifully diverse and bilingual communities around us, and sources some of the best multicultural content there is from across the world, for both children and adults.

The carnival travels to schools, markets, festivals and corporate spaces across the country, helping teachers and people in general to source some of the best culturally diverse books and toys out there.

“Taking books out of bookshops and into communities, schools, pop-ups and offices up and down the country is central to the work we do. Everyone must have access to multicultural books and we want BookLove to take readers, especially in classrooms, on a journey of discovery, where those who don’t see themselves can find themselves or where readers discover new cultures about a friend, neighbour or community they perhaps previously knew nothing about.”

BookLove reflects the amazing cultural richness of the world we live in, infusing children and adults with a love of cultural heritage; not only their own cultural heritage, but that of their friends, classmates, neighbours and the wider community as a whole.

BookLove now has a new GoFundMe campaign and charity called BookLove & Beyond, raising money to give free multicultural and anti-racist books to educational settings and teachers across the UK. 20p is donated to the campaign from each BookLove book sold, and you can donate directly at

You can browse BookLove online at, and shop the recommendations of the SYP Scotland conference committee at:

Attendees will find a discount code applicable to this list attached to their eTicket.

Twitter: @thisisbooklove

Instagram: @thisisbooklove_, @bookloveandbeyond

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