The Society of Young Publishers (SYP) represents anyone in their first ten years of working in the publishing industry, as well as any other related industries; we also represent anyone looking to get into publishing. We have committees in Oxford, London, the North, the South West, Scotland and Ireland who organise speaker and social events to help members learn more about the industry and to meet other people in similar positions to them. 

The SYP organises a mentoring scheme every year and publishes a quarterly publishing magazine, InPrint, for members. The SYP Oxford podcast has this year been rebranded to Inside Publishing where all regional branches take it in turn to interview industry experts on everything publishing-related - from the pros and cons of a Masters in publishing to a Diversity Series covering BAME publishing internships and institutional racism. 

At SYP Oxford, we organise regular online book clubs with our colleagues at SYP North, and discuss award-winning and thought-provoking books with our audience. After a challenging 18 months, we also have had the pleasure to organise in-person events again, ranging from book swaps to literary walks around Oxford.

Follow SYP Oxford and all the other regional branches on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for our latest news and to hear about upcoming events, podcast episodes and other exciting content.